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  • SBPC calls for the March for Science

    The movement takes place on April 22 throughout the world. In Brazil, the mobilization will be in São Paulo and intends to disseminate the idea that science is fundamental for the construction of policies and regulations of public interest Read below the convocation of the SBPC President: Dear Students, Teachers, Scientists, Researchers and Friends of […]

  • XII SBBN Congress – For subscriptions and abstracts submission, click here

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  • Assine petição FeSBE “on line”: atualização de verbas para pesquisas

    Uma nação só se faz grandiosa com investimentos. Infelizmente, a comunidade científica tem sido surpreendida com duros cortes que já comprometem pesquisas e pesquisadores (bolsistas), peças fundamentais para o desenvolvimento tecnológico do país. O orçamento atual do Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicações é de R$ 4,6 bilhões, dos quais R$ 500 milhões estão […]

  • Detection of calcium isotope in the urine is able to detect bone disease

    Source: The U.S. space agency, NASA, funded a study to identify bone loss in an urine test. Until now these tests were performed almost exclusively by exams using natural or artificial sources of ionizing radiation. In contrast, the urine test would eliminate the need to expose the patient to radiation. The method measured the […]

  • Scientists create synthetic polymers capable of evolving

    Source: Towards an Alternative Biology. Gerald F. Joyce, Science 336, 307 (72). The question “what is life?” is not new. With the discovery of DNA structure, by Watson and Crick (1953), it was understood that the base of heredity is the DNA molecule, and the possibility that this would led Darwinian evolution of life. However, […]

  • Can New Technology Read your Mind?

    Source: NEWSWEEK Steven Spielberg’s 2002 science-fiction thriller Minority Report conjured a world where computers could read minds and predict the future. It seemed fanciful at the time, but fantasy is edging closer to fact. On Jan. 31, a team of scientists at the UC Berkeley, led by Robert Knight programmed computers to decode brain waves […]

  • IAEA publishes new edition of Basic Safety Standards

    Source: IAEA IAEA PUBLISHES NEW EDITION OF A BOOK ON INTERNATIONAL BASIC SAFETY STANDARDS Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards – Interim Edition. This publication is the new edition of the International Basic Safety Standards. Since the publication of the previous edition in 1996, the contents have been extensively revised […]

  • Board of Governors` September Meeting Convenes

    Source: International Atomic Energy Agency – AIEA On 12 September 2011, the 35-nation IAEA Board of Governors convened for their deliberations from 12-16 September, which precede the annual General Conference to be held from 19-23 September 2011. On Monday morning, the Board session began with a statement by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, focusing on […]

  • Broad antigenic coverage induced by vaccination with virus-based cDNA libraries cures established tumors.

    By NATURE MEDICINE Effective cancer immunotherapy requires the release of a broad spectrum of tumor antigens in the context of potent immune activation. We show here that a cDNA library of normal tissue, expressed from a highly immunogenic viral platform, cures established tumors of the same histological type from which the cDNA library was derived. […]

  • Information about the situation of the Japanese nuclear reactors in Fukushima

    For information about the situation of the Japanese nuclear reactors in Fukushima Central – Japan, visit the link below (IAEA):