President’s Message 2014

Since the SBBN foundation in Rio de Janeiro in 1996, the uses of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation have improved considerably in the country. In the several health applications, the staff became multidisciplinary. The radioisotopes production was allowed to be developed by the private companies? The professional societies learned the management of their demands. For leadership, a scientific society should be focused and, on the other hand, to encompass all the tendencies.

As associated to the Brazilian Federation of Experimental Biological Societies (FESBE), SBBN have participated in almost all FESBE annual meetings but offered its congress apart. In 2014, there is a new format: a 3 days congress during FESBE meeting with one precongress seminar, 3 courses, 3 plenary conferences, 2 symposiums and 4 round tables. Oral communications are encouraged to be presented by students. The congress themes, preclinical and clinical studies with radiation were obligatory for new technologies consolidation in order to enlarge and modernize the health population attention. Low power LASER used in regenerative medicine is diffused but its risks were unknown and there is no regulation about safety uses of LASER in the country. On the other hand, the biological effects of radiation, treatments of radiological victims and biodosimetry in different scenarios are important disciplines in the professional curricula of physicians, biophysicists, nurses, physiotherapists and health physicists.

SBBN has high level multidisciplinary teams among the affiliated members and is looking forward to aggregate new researchers and students. The aim of our affiliates, as well as the other scientific societies, is to diffuse science and technology. The FESBE meeting will be the ideal scenario to deepen the proposed themes and to recommend innovative solutions to stronger the Nuclear Biosciences.

I wait for all in Caxambu!
Silvia Maria Velasques de Oliveira
SBBN President

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