Nanodiamonds in cancer treatment



U.S. researchers said on Wednesday (09/03) the discovery of a way to attack tumors in advanced stages of breast cancer and liver, using a potent chemotherapy drug combined with tiny carbon particles known as nanodiamonds. The technique was tested in mice and showed that nanodiamonds help the doxorubicin to penetrate in the tumor – usually resistant to the drug- reducing its size.

Without the nanodiamonds, the drug was rejected by the body or could not act the tumor, oreven worse, ended up killing the patient if administered in high doses.”This is the first studywhich demonstrates the importance and the potential of nanodiamonds in the treatment ofdrug-resistant cancers” the survey indicates. The study shows the promising use ofnanodiamond in humans, since this resistance to chemotherapy leads to treatment failures in 90% of cancer cases with metastasis.

This study was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine and can be readthrough the site