Abstracts and Full Papers 2014

The abstracts should be send between March,19 and May, 5 through www.fesbe.org.br/fesbe2014.

It´s necessary to mention Sociedade Brasileira de Biociencias Ncleares in the option “Society”.

At least, one of the authors should be registered.

Before sending the abstract, the SBBN associated should choose the following theme option:

Radiobiologia, Radiofarmácia e Radioproteção (Radiobiology, Radiopharmacy and Radiation Protection)

Biofotônica, Fotobiologia e Fontes de vibração e ondas mecânicas em Biociências (Byophotonics, Photobiology and sources of vibrations and mechanic waves in Biosciences)

For the accepted abstracts, it is possible to publish on a special supplement of the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (www.bjournal.com). If interested, the first author should send email to presidencia@sbbn.org.br with the paper title, complete names of the authors and affiliations before May,19.

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