The role of IAEA in Radiopharmacy. Prof. Amir Jalilian (IAEA)

In contrast to other fields, radiopharmacy has been progressed rapidly in last few decades based on the development of new imaging modalities such as PET, PET/CT, PET/MRI and also new production facilities, not only at the research centers and industrial pharmacies, but also at the clinics located at the imaging centers. This has revolutionized the development of new tracers and radionuclides for better application of these modalities without half-life and activity dose restrictions. IAEA has been playing an important role in disseminating the knowledge of radionuclide/radiopharmaceutical production and application historically. RPRT section has promoted many research activities on the development of vital radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals such as Tc-99m, F-18, Ga-68, Lu-177, Cu-64, I-124, etc, in parallel with development of human resources. Other important issues such as legal aspects and focusing on new/alternate production/application methods for critical radionuclides are also being pursued in the section. IAEA activities in the field is majorly based on the demands received from the Member States and is organized in a way to cover all regional parts of the globe.