Experiences in Radioimmunotherapy in Cuba. Prof. René L. Montaña (IAEA)

The cancer in Cuba constitutes a fundamental problem of health and it occupies the second place as cause of death. It is known that the use of labeled biomolecules (like monoclonal antibodies and peptides) with radioisotopes has become a viable and promissory alternative for the cancer. The monoclonal antibodies production in Cuba for different uses enjoys national and international prestige. Some years ago, the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM) and the Isotope Center (CENTIS) joined efforts to develop the applications of the Cuban monoclonal antibodies. Different clinical trials have been carried out to explore the possibilities of the radioimmunotherapy in humans using monoclonal antibodies. We have been developed different radiopharmaceuticals based on monoclonal antibodies labeled with β emitters (131I, 188Re and 90Y).