ARCAL CXXXVII: Radiopharmaceuticals for target cancer therapy in Latin America. Prof. René L. Montaña (CENTIS)

The use of radiopharmaceuticals for treatment of cancer is now becoming a reality and there are several new radiopharmaceuticals available in Europe, Asia and North America which uses peptides and antibodies as carrier molecules for targeted therapy using beta emitting particles. Several radioisotopes such as Lu-177, Re-188 and Y-90 are now used for the preparation of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and the products based on these radioisotopes have been proved to be effective for the treatment of cancer. There is regional capability for producing some therapeutic radioisotopes and monoclonal antibodies and peptides. Technologies have been installed in some countries of the region for the development of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals using new generation carrier molecules. The RLA/6/074 ARCAL project is focused on the integration of past efforts, regional capabilities, knowledge and improved production facilities to increase the availability of regionally produced and cost-effective therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals as a contribution to the cancer control programs in the region. In this presentation, the most outstanding results, obtained during the execution of this project are exposed.